Amy Falls Down

books-amy falls down

“I am here accidentally and just for the moment.”

In Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett, author and teacher Amy Gallup falls and hits her head on a birdbath. She is left with a mild concussion, but decides not to seek medical help until after her interview that afternoon. The interview, which makes her seem much more mysterious and eccentric than she anticipated, has the potential to restart her writing career. Even though three decades have passed her last publication, her old agent and this new media attention combine to force her back into the writing world.

Amy is an enjoyable character to follow around. She is determinedly “unambitious”, so when she stumbles into good fortune, she does not know how to handle it. Luckily, Amy is cool under pressure (mostly because she does not care about success) and has a refreshing sense of humor, although she must overcome many phobias as well as her generally antisocial nature in order to deal with herself as a media phenomenon, something she is not sure she even wants to be.

This book did confuse me a little at the beginning. The narration follows Amy’s train of thought closely, and so often a memory of a past event will be taken down only half-formed. It took a while before I had a full understanding of what Amy’s marriages were like and why she stopped teaching in-person classes. This is my fault. I read the book because David Sedaris posted on Facebook about it—I hadn’t realized that Amy (as well as her dog Alphonse) appeared previously in Willett’s book The Writing Class, and Amy Falls Down is the sequel.

I loved this book and would suggest it to any audience. I would, however, suggest reading the first book in the series, first. I’m sure it is just as good.


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